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Friday, May 7, 2010

Finals, they're what I SHOULD be doing...

What to do tonight: (As if any of this is actually going to get accomplished...)

1.) Write my 5-7 page Political Sociology final. An exploration of Naomi Wolf's Give Me Liberty, which was actually an excellent book, from what I've read. Though it will make you hate your government and lose all hope in any kind of liberal, democratic (note the "small d") government.

2.) Write my 8-10 page Kennedy Presidential Politics final, a reaction paper to The Bridge, the biography of Barack Obama by David Remnick which was recently published. The book is absolutely fantastic, though I regret my decision not to read Game Change. The paper should be fun to write because it is an exploration of the Kennedy Legacy's impact on Obama as a politician, and as a man.

3.) Write my Work and Society final, which should be easy enough. Just two 2-3 page essays on specific questions regarding the labor movement in America. This class has been insanely interesting, and not only because I already had an interest in American labor/union history. My professor, Robert Forrant, used to work in the American Bosch factory in Springfield, MA and experienced union organizing, lay-offs, and the deterioration of the city. He is a wealth of information as well as an approachable guy who I'd like to have a beer with someday, maybe at the Old Court.

4.) Write my 3-5 page final essay for Politics of China, which is an exploration of why China has not allowed competition to the Communist party historically, and what possible directions the country could head in the future to change its unilateral approach to politics. I'm excited to write this paper because I don't even know where I'm going to go with it, I only know that I would suggest something like Switzerland's "Socialist Democracy," otherwise known as "active democracy." This class has been great, and if I wasn't headed to Washington next semester (which is still technically a maybe) I would certainly take Prof. Delaurier's Politics of the Pacific Rim, since I've been considering a.) a minor in Political Science/IR, and b.) I want to potentially study History with a concentration in Asian Studies in Grad School.

I know, a ton of writing. Such is the life of a history major...

5.) Hear back from the Washington Center so I can finally stop checking my e-mail every 3 minutes! I'm so excited to hear from them, and in fairness I only submitted my application a little over a week ago, and they only confirmed they had everything 5 days ago. But come on!

Anyways, thats the list... It looks terrible and overwhelming. And considering Kerry just texted me and said she wanted to go out, all this work will have to wait until this weekend. Should be fun! Well, thank you all for reading once again, and I'm sure I'll be writing again soon enough..

Thanks all,


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